Textures I Like and Textures I Do Not Like

I have a lot of issues with textures. I thought this was pretty normal and common until I “came out” of the Texture Issues closet and people began to torture me with them. I thought, hey, I’ll just find out their Texture Issues and torture them back. But then no one else had any.

Paper towels when they are dry and my hands are dry.
Paper towels when they are wet or my hands are wet. This is why I use so much Windex at work – if I get the paper towel wet enough, I am ok touching it. It’s not really because I love Windex.

Raw broccoli (but I still eat it because that’s another thing people yell at me about)
Cooked broccoli, it’s nice and smushy and feels neat

Wood that isn’t completely smooth, particularly in the form of popsicle sticks
Metal that when you touch it makes your mouth taste like pennies
Brown paper bags
Dust jackets on books that aren’t smooth
Painted surfaces that aren’t smooth, like most walls
Oranges (that white stuff on them is horrible), unless they are Mandarin oranges and they come out of a can or jar
Wool, unless it’s on a sheep, but I don’t think it’s called wool then. I think it’s called Sheep Fur. I like Sheep Fur.
The kind of tuna that people eat that doesn’t come from a can – it’s like biting into squishy rubber
Biting on napkins – ugh, the very thought is giving me the heebie jeebies. Just don’t ever bite on a napkin, ok? NEVER. It is never ok to do that.

Whatever my orange scarf and my blanket that my mom crocheted are made out of. I believe it would be yarn. But they are both super soft and squishy and I like that.

Silk sheets and/or underwear. There is a time and place for slippery silkiness, and in my pants or on my bed are not those places.

Soft things. That pretty much sums it up. I like to pet things.

People at work touch cardboard a lot to freak me out, and it works. If Tiffany wants me to go away from her and stop talking, she picks up cardboard and threatens to touch it. Then they tell me if I didn’t react so violently, they wouldn’t do it, they just like to get a reaction out of me. But if I didn’t react, that means it would be something that didn’t bother me and they choose to do things that bother me, so I react. How can you not react to something that bothers you?? It’s impossible! And that, in a nutshell, is why I am the perfect target for torture.

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