151 and Darcy J = Hitting on Dick Goddard

I don’t know that this one really needs any explanation. I went out with some friends from high school and had a FUN time, which is kind of crazy because I hated high school so much I tried to get myself homeschooled at least once a week. But I like these people. Quite frankly, I like pretty much all the people in my class, they grew up to be good people.

Anyway, I had some 151. We really don’t need to go into details as to how much. I was taken over by the spirit of a dirty whore and it all went downhill from there. But gosh it was fun. Dick Goddard was at the bar we went to, so naturally, I felt I should hit on him. He gave me a wooly bear sticker. I wanted to ask for more, but I was too scared. He was a nice man.

I also ran into some guys who used to skateboard in my backyard and they know my brother. I became “Dave Lindner’s little sister” and it was often followed by “is freaking crazy!”.

The boy and I are back, thank God. I hope it stays that way, and I think it will. See, we like to provide entertainment for the people who have normal relationships, so you know, this is all for YOUR benefit. You should be thanking us, and possibly throwing coins at us. Or dollar bills, we’d take those, too. Bills aren’t as aerodynamic as coins, so you might want to hand us any bills, rather than throwing them.

The thing about my manager telling me to pull my head out of my ass – all those vying for my job, don’t get too excited. I know exactly where I stand and as I hope would be assumed, Mr. Manager and I are in daily contact about not only my successes and failures, BUT YOURS TOO! I think I worried/excited some people that my job may be up for grabs soon, but unless I die again, which is completely plausible, you are stuck with me. And no fair poisoning me, either, I have to die of natural causes.

Now for the real point of my post. This is for the ladies only. Do you ever get that one chin hair that you can feel, and you can’t stop touching it because you are so aware of it? And of course you don’t have any tweezers because you don’t think ahead, and so you spend all day trying to pluck that sucker with your nonexistent fingernails? And then FINALLY, after hours of hand cramps and scratches on your face, you manage to pluck that chin hair. God, isn’t that a great feeling?

For those of you wondering about my Book Intervention progress…I haven’t been too bad. But yes, I’ve snuck books into the house. I have found my problem is that if I like a book and I own a hard copy, I want a Kindle copy so I can have it with me at all times. Then if I get a book on the Kindle and I like it, I want a hard copy so I can have it in person.

Lastly, I’m taking bids on who wants to clean and organize my bedrooms without judging me in the process. Ever since I started doing my own laundry (don’t ask, my dad is OCD about laundry, but he ruins it because he throws it all in the washer and dryer, so I had to take over), I have no clean clothes. I have to frantically do a load of laundry just to have something to wear the next day. I am a disaster.

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